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Dr. P.'s pastoral work is in Charleston, South Carolina.  She was called in 1984 and      has worked in full-time ministry since 1994.  She is God's chosen vessel to preach the gospel.


The aim of the ministry is to bring Christians to FULL maturity in Christ Jesus through information that will both profit and prosper them.  The ministry's goal is to equip God's people (the Body of Christ) in their understanding of God's word through publishing books with Christian themes as well as preaching and teaching the Gospel message to benefit the Body in their spiritual growth.


Win souls for the Kingdom and discipleship training are the ministry's mission. 


The ministry "is to declare the Healing power of Jesus Christ and sound aloud His Prophetic voice to all nations from a deliverance Perspective."  The ministry proclaims in its teaching and preaching:  Prayer, Prosperity, Deliverance, Healing and Faith.





The roosters are crowing and Mrs. Stephen slips out of bed to wake the children for breakfast. It’s an important day.  One by one they make it to the table, even little Stephen, Jr., who’s not yet in school. They are finished and ready for school and mother gives them final instructions."Be home early," she says, for tonight the gospel meeting begins and the Stephens are all going." Supper is ready," she yells, as the kids play in the living room.


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