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Dr. P.'s pastoral work is in Charleston, South Carolina.  She was called in 1984 and      has worked in full-time ministry since 1994.  She is God's chosen vessel to preach the gospel.


The aim of the ministry is to bring Christians to FULL maturity in Christ Jesus through information that will both profit and prosper them.  The ministry "is to declare the Healing power of Jesus Christ and sound aloud His Prophetic voice to all nations from a deliverance Perspective."  The ministry proclaims in its teaching and preaching:  Prayer, Prosperity, Deliverance, Healing and Faith.


"Be Loose" is the Battle Cry of the Ministry to the Body of Christ.  Isaiah 58:5 KJV says, Is not this the fast that I have chose?  to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?


The goal of the ministry is take Christians into the Mind of God.  The Vision is being accomplished through all that God has called us to do and is multiplied by the financial support given to like ministries.



Years ago, in a far-away land, a young man began to announce the availability of a new kind of bread. Consumers were skeptical at first, but some of them took it and found that it tasted far better than any of the other kinds on the market - and really satisfied their hunger. They were happier in themselves, and really admired the young man who was willingly giving this Bread away to anyone who wanted it - refusing to charge! This bothered some of the rich people, but the poor folk loved it. But the other bread manufacturers were angry. All this was hurting their business. Soon, the young man had followers who were traveling all over the place giving away this new Bread to anyone who wanted it.   Click for Continuation